Early Steps 

0-3yrs early intervention to help your child with developmental delays


Always have an emergency plan for natural disasters and respiratory crisis but when in doubt call 911

Hudson's Hugs

​Hudson's Helpers is a group of volunteers who wish to provide support to children with extensive medical needs and their families through care packages and any other means possible


State Wide Resources

Social Security Office


Medicaid Louisiana

Children who are medically complex or technology dependent especially those with a Trach are best served with Legacy Medicaid.


My Place Louisiana

Krista Tipton (Children in Nursing Facilities or Specialty Hospitals), Krista.Tipton@la.gov, (601) 259-2646.


Healthy Louisiana Helpline

Karen Scallan: Provides health and benefits support and advocacy assistance to families of individuals with complex needs. Specializing in advocacy around managed care and health care for individuals with complex needs and I/DD.

Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilites

(OCDD) (225) 342-0095


OCDD Programs such as Waivers & Flexible Family Fund

http://new.dhh.louisiana.gov/index.cfm/page/136 SEE BROCHURE

List of additional resources such as Family Helping Families